Fact sheet for parents/carers in Hunter Baillie - Long Term Ventilation Unit

Disclaimer: This fact sheet is for education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professional to make sure this information is right for your child.

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This fact sheet will help you to understand the different people in the team caring for your child whilst in hospital at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. These positions do not exist out of the Westmead catchment area. There may be different personnel in other Area Health Services who may be able to assist you.  

Nursing Unit Manager

  • Oversees the nurses caring for your child – Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Assistants in Nursing, including rostering nursing staff on shifts.
  • Organises equipment and supplies you will need while you are in the ward
  • Takes part in family meetings
  • Works with the Clinical Nurse Educator, to ensure your nurses have been trained with all the skills they need to look after your child
  • Manages concerns, issues, or questions  related to nursing staff or  day- to-day care of your child

Case Manager

  • Contact person for families in the hospital.
  • Contact person with Enable NSW, and teams involved in the care of your child.
  • Helps with paperwork and application forms as required.
  • Helps to arrange a local hospital, GP and community team/case worker to care for your child.
  • Gives information to families, pre-school and other community teams about your child’s condition and ways to help at home and in the community.
  • Helps to co-ordinate appointments while in the hospital.

Respiratory Support Service Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC)

  • Helps to develop and manage your child’s care whilst they are in the hospital.
  • Helps to plan the support you and your family will need when you are discharged home.
  • Provides ongoing development and education of staff caring for your child within the Children’s Hospital.
  • Provides education for you in caring for your child’s special needs
  • Supports the education for carers in the community for when your child is home.
  • Ensures follow up at the appropriate times for discharged patients.

Registered Nurse

  • To provide care to children and their families within the multidisciplinary team.
  • Coordinates the care of the children, working with the Assistant in Nursing.
  • Involved in the education and support to the Assistants in Nursing and new staff within the unit.

Assistant in Nursing (AIN)

  • Provides direct care to the children and their families with the supervision and support of the Registered Nurses.
  • Works with the Allied Health Team and assists children/families with therapy sessions.
  • Assist children/families with home visits, school visits and other outings from the hospital.
  • Provide a reassuring presence to children during medical procedures.
  • General duties of the ward; re-stocking supplies; completion of charts etc.


  • Provide chest physiotherapy, if needed. This may also include teaching families how to do chest physiotherapy.
  • Provide sessions to help patients movement and development. This includes using exercises and activities to help sitting, rolling, standing and walking.
  • Manage any muscle and joint problems, with the use of splints, casts and orthotics.
  • Teach nurses, carers and families the correct positioning and handling of patients.
  • Prescribe special equipment, such as standing frames.
  • Organise community Physiotherapy services, for after discharge.
  • Work with other members of the team on the following activities:
    • Making changes to the home and/or school environment
    • Community outings
    • Group Programs, such as Music and Movement Group
    • Organising funding for special equipment

Occupational Therapist (OT)

  • Provide therapy to children to develop play, participation and hand skills as appropriate to their age and development
  • Prescription of specialised equipment such as strollers/wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, bath aids, lifting hoists etc.
  • Preparing paperwork for funding for specialised equipment.
  • Setting up and adapting specialised equipment and activities to suit the individual child.
  • Home visits and working with the family regarding home modifications where required. 
  • Preschool and school visits are conducted by the Occupational Therapist, with other members of the team. 
  • Plan and take part in outings with the children along with other team members

Child Life Therapist

  • To work with the  team collaboratively in order to meet the family’s goals
  • To assist the family with the child’s educational, play, behavioural and emotional needs – through, procedural support, group and individual play sessions, promoting child friendly environments, outings and community educational services support

Social Worker

  • Counselling and support to the child and family assisting with adjustment to illness and functioning.
  • Assist families in managing issues related to long term hospitalisation.
  • Assist the family regarding community supports services including accommodation, transport and childcare.
  • Communication with other relevant organisations that will provide help for the family.
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