Carer support

Contact details

Located level 2 of the hospital, just around the corner from the Chemist and opposite the Kidshealth bookshop.

Our hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 7.30am to 8pm
  • Weekends 10am to 2pm.

Contact us by:

  • giving us a call on (02) 9845 0580
  • emailing us, or
  • talking to a volunteer in the Parent and Carer Resource Centre.

The Carer Support Program is here to support you. We operate the Parent and Carer Resource Centre which provides a non-clinical, homely environment where parents and carers can take a break. Designed by parents for parents, the Centre is designed to:

  • Provide a strong and visible presence of carer/parent support in the hospital and community
  • Enhance the responsiveness of the hospital to the needs of parents and carers of children
  • Provide practical support to assist all parents and carers in accessing appropriate services

Available services

At the Resource Centre you'll find:

  • A peaceful place to relax: we provide the daily newspapers, magazines and light refreshments.
  • Someone to chat with: there are friendly volunteers and other parents to talk to if you're in the mood.
  • Computers with internet: access is free with suitable ID such as your Drivers Licence or Passport.
  • Driver Reviver Room: if you're attending an outpatients appointment, you can use the room to nap after your long drive. Priority is given to those who have the furthest distance to travel. Bookings can be made in advance.

We want to hear from you!

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Activities for parents and carers

Personal health coaching

Young carers

Walking with Carers

  • Their rights within NSW Health care system
  • The location of acute and community health services
  • Information on availability of payments and allowances
  • Contact details for Commonwealth Respite and Carelink centres
  • Tip for working carers, young carers and Aboriginal carers
  • Information and tips for carers on looking after themselves

More resources