Tune in to Gold Telethon - Monday, 12 June

Eleven-year-old Owen has been a patient of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick since he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome at three years old.

Nephrotic Syndrome causes loss of protein from the kidneys and has severe effects on the body, including high cholesterol and fluid collecting around the heart and lungs.

Over the years, Owen has had more than 15 operations and has had to cope with the serious side effects of his condition as he and his family slowly got into the routine of travelling to and from Dubbo and our Hospital.

Last year, Owen’s remaining kidney began shutting down and he found himself in renal failure. He needed a transplant. Thankfully, his dad, Anthony was a match.

Owen is now doing well and returns to the Hospital – which the family refer to as their second home - regularly for appointments.

Take a look at the Hospital from Owen’s perspective as we celebrate #GoldMoments with one week until Gold Telethon:


“The Hospital is such a special place. All the nurses know us by name. Everyone makes sure we are okay and they try really hard to make sure the kids have the chance to play and do things that take their mind off being sick,” said Owen’s mum, Natalie.

These #GoldMoments happen every day in our Hospital. Tune in to Gold Telethon on Channel Nine on Monday, 12 June to celebrate every moment and person that makes the Hospital so special.

The Gold Appeal is our biggest fundraising campaign of the year. It's a series of events designed to help sick kids get the best care, and ends with our annual Gold Telethon, an all-day broadcast of Hospital stories, lives crosses and entertainment acts on Channel Nine to help raise funds for the Hospital through Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

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