From an expert

  • Working in a hospital engineering job ticks all the boxes

    According to Kavita Devaharan from Multiplex, there is something about working as an engineer on a hospital project that ticks all the boxes.

    “We have the opportunity to appreciate first-hand exactly what is needed and to deliver it."

  • We are closing the gap

    Researchers across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network are working hard to close the health care gap for Indigenous families.
  • Friday Fast Five: Meet Monique Oude Reimer-van Kilsdonk

    Each month we interview individuals associated with the Australasian NIDCAP Training Centre and the broader NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) community, asking them five questions that explore their association with our unit and NIDCAP.

  • Speech and language issues in patients with Craniosynostosis

    Speech and language therapists are important members of the craniofacial surgery service at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. This is because studies have shown that problems with speech and language development are common in kids with craniofacial conditions.

  • Headaches in Craniosynostosis

    Headaches are common in children. It can be difficult to figure out if these headaches are “normal” headaches, or if they are a sign of a more serious problem. In children with craniofacial problems, headaches can be a sign of increased pressure inside the head.