Health advocacy

  • Preventing burns this winter

    Health experts across the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network are urging parents to be extra vigilant with children to prevent burns this winter.

  • Crazy Socks for mental health awareness

    Today bright and colourful socks were out in full force across the Network.

  • Palliative care, it’s more than you think

    It’s not unusual when talking about palliative care to be met with a sad or sympathetic reaction. Most often, this is because people associate palliative care with end-of-life.

  • Eating wild mushrooms is not worth the risk

    People are being urged not to eat wild mushrooms after a significant spike in exposures to the potentially deadly fungi.

  • “Nurses are the backbone of neonatal intensive care”

    To put it simply, the role of the Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care is to care for sick babies but the work done in this unit is far more than can be summarised in one sentence. In reality, care is just the beginning.