Health advocacy

  • Don’t let your child be a drowning statistic

    Experts are calling on parents to remain vigilant this summer, after 65% of children under four involved in a near drowning were found to be unsupervised by an adult.

  • Healthier food is on the way

    As we head toward the new year you may begin to notice a few changes as NSW Health’s Healthy Choices in Health Facilities framework is rolled out.
  • Changing the stigma around disability

    If someone was to say to you, "I've got a disability" what would your immediate reaction be? Would it be one of sadness or pity? Don't worry if it is, it's common - but it's also what we are trying to change.

  • Protect your children from window and balcony falls this summer

    Earlier this year, legislation was put into place to ensure the safety of children in multi-story residences through the installation of window safety devices.
  • Shining a light on World Prematurity Day

    As the sun sets on Saturday, 17 November, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead will be basked in a vibrant, purple glow in support of World Prematurity Day.