Kids health

  • Speech and language issues in patients with Craniosynostosis

    Speech and language therapists are important members of the craniofacial surgery service at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. This is because studies have shown that problems with speech and language development are common in kids with craniofacial conditions.

  • Headaches in Craniosynostosis

    Headaches are common in children. It can be difficult to figure out if these headaches are “normal” headaches, or if they are a sign of a more serious problem. In children with craniofacial problems, headaches can be a sign of increased pressure inside the head.

  • NDIS fast track for hearing impaired kids

    The NDIS has announced they will fast track children with hearing impairments.
  • Keeping kids safe around fires and flames

    June is National Burns Awareness Month, so here's a few reminders on keeping your kids safe around stoves, fires and heaters.

  • Healthier food is on its way

    In the coming months you may begin to notice a few changes across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network as NSW Health’s Healthy Choices in Health Facilities framework is rolled out.