Kids Rehab Parent Advisory Committee

The Kids Rehab Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a forum for parents and carers of the clients who access Kids Rehab services, and for staff of Kids Rehab. The PAC provides an ongoing opportunity for parents and carers to:

  • represent the issues of children and adolescents with chronic physical and cognitive disability;
  • represent parents and carers who access services from the Kids Rehab
  • engage and inform parents and carers and provide a formal avenue for giving feedback and comment to Kids Rehab
  • Provide input as required in the direction and planning of services developed and offered by Kids Rehab

The committee meets four times per year and includes parents/carers and staff members. The meetings are held in the Kids Rehab department, and members can attend in person or via phoning in. The parent representatives on the committee are a 'voice' for all parents and children involved with Kids Rehab. Kids Rehab is keen to hear from parents and carers, on how the service might be improved and which aspects of the service work well.

The Parent Advisory Committee can also be contacted by parents who may want to speak with someone who has been through a similar experience. This email address for the PAC is These emails are received and reviewed by staff from the PAC, who will then facilitate communication between the parent/carer and the appropriate parent representative from the committee.

For more information about the Parent Advisory Committee, please contact Kids Rehab on (02) 9845 2132 or email