Pre-employment components

Prior to commencing employment at The Sydney Children's Hospital Network: Westmead (CHW) nursing and medical staff are required to complete a number of pre-employment training components. The training components relate specifically to patient care and are outlined below.

Nursing and medical pre-employment components

Staff are required to complete all components prior to hospital orientation and submit evidence of completion. Evidence of completion includes the submission of relevant certificates, NSW Health training transcripts as evidence of prior learning and signing the declaration form.

The signed declaration form is to be submitted on the first day of hospital orientation. A box will be available at orientation for collection. Completion of the Pre-employment training components will be documented in your hospital pathlore transcript and will contribute to your annual continuing education requirements for registration.

Between the Flags

The Between the Flags Program is designed to establish a 'safety net' in all NSW public hospitals and healthcare facilities that reduces the risks of patients deteriorating unnoticed and ensures they receive appropriate care in response if they do.

The Program uses the analogy of Surf Life Saving Australia's Lifeguards and Life Savers who keep people safe by ensuring they are under close observation and rapidly rescue them, should something go wrong.

As part of this program, 5 Standard Paediatric Observation Charts (SPOC) have been developed and are being implemented in all NSW healthcare facilities. These charts incorporate a colour coded 'track and trigger' system to support early identification of patients at risk of deterioration. All facilities and Area Health Services have an agreed facility specific escalation protocol (Clinical Emergency Response System), based on the NSW Health policy, to manage the deteriorating patient.

An online awareness presentation has been developed for use by all facilities and is mandatory training for all clinical staff. This training is available via the NSW Health Moodle website. In order to complete this training, you need to register with moodle.. During this training, you will need to refer to the Children's Hospital at Westmead's CERS protocol.

Registering to complete the BTF training

Medical and nursing staff are required to register to complete the training at the following link During the registration process staff can register utilising a NSW Health email address or alternately a personal email address, staff are also required to enter a NSW health employee number. If you do not have a current NSW Health employee number please enter an alternate 8 digit number and amend the information by logging in at a later date and entering your employee number when available.

Communication between hospitals

Each time clinical information is communicated there is an associated risk for the patient. Research has shown that using a standardised format can assist the transfer of information, particularly when there are time constraints. At The Children's Hospital at Westmead, we use ISBAR (Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment, Request/Recommendation) in our communications and when escalating care.

The ISBAR communication tool organises a conversation into the essential elements in the transfer of information from one source to another


All medical and nursing staff are required to complete training for blood product handling and administration when working in the public health system. The training for this component is completed by accessing the following link, reviewing the modules and completing the quiz.

Following completion of the quiz, print off the certificate and attach it to your signed declaration.

If you have completed Bloodsafe at another organisation please attach a copy of your evidence demonstrating this to your signed declaration.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Guideline

All medical and nursing staff are required to review the following paediatric CPR policy.

Central Venous Access Device (CVAD)

Declaration form

All staff are required to complete, sign and submit the declaration form at hospital orientation. By signing this declaration form you are stating you have completed all the pre-employment training requirements as outlined.