From 1 December 2018, all research ethics applications submitted to SCHN HREC must be submitted via REGIS.

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Low and Negligible Risk Applications
Greater than Low Risk Applications

Contact details

Enquiries and consultation appointments: or call (02) 9845 1253

Research Ethics team members:
    •    Research Ethics Administrative Assistant: Mrs Tina Newman — (02) 9845 1253
    •    Research Ethics Officer - Executive Committee: Ms Melinda Giles — (02) 9845 3105
    •    Research Ethics Officer - SAC and HREC: Ms Allison Sly— (02) 9845 3042
    •    Executive Officer: Ms Asra Gholami  - (02) 9845 3066
    •    REGIS Support Officer, Research Ethics:  Ms Caitlin Braude — (02) 9845 0465

The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Human Research Ethics Committee (SCHN HREC) is responsible for ensuring ethical and scientific acceptability of human research conducted at sites within the SCHN and for paediatric specific research referred by any Public Health Organisation from NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA and WA as part of the National Mutual Acceptance of scientific and ethical review of multi-centre human research.

Human research is research conducted with or about people, or their data or tissue.

In addition to ethical approval, Site Specific Authorisation (SSA) from the Research Governance Office of each site is required before a research project can commence at that site. For further information regarding the process for obtaining SSA, please contact the Research Governance Office at the relevant sites.

The SCHN HREC operates in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) including all updates. For more information about the SCHN HREC, please refer to the following documents:

New Greater than Low Risk Applications - Key Dates

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Fee schedule

Please note that the following fee schedule applies for commercially sponsored or investigator initiated with industry funding and collaborative group sponsored or funded research projects. This fee will be applied to all applications irrespective of level of risk, and may also be applied to some amendments.

Please contact the Research Ethics Office if you are unsure of whether a fee is applicable to your application.

Please click here for HREC Invoice Authorisation Form (if applicable).

Type of Application

Sponsor / Financial Support

Amount (Incl. GST*)
GST is applicable for external payments

Application for Research Project

Full Industry Sponsorship


 Application for Research Project

Investigator initiated with industry funding

0.5% of total (funding) contract value up to $3,300.00*

 Application for Research Project

Collaborative group sponsored or funded studies

$165.00* (for external payments)

$150.00 (for internal applicants - GST excempt)

Application for Investigator or Student Research Projects Investigator initiated or student project without an external funding source or competitive internal funding source $0


Full Industry Funding


 Amendments Collaborative group sponsored or funded studies where Committee review is required*

$55.00* (for external payments)

$50.00 (for internal applicants - GST exempt)


Investigator initiated with industry funding