Support our research

Our passionate team of world-class researchers are dedicated to improving the lives of children with illnesses such as cancer, bone diseases, genetic conditions, diabetes, infectious diseases, neuromuscular conditions, rare diseases, sleep disorders, kidney and liver disease.

It is through research that we can discover the causes, improved treatments and cures for childhood diseases. Our research involves lab-based science, clinical trials and translating research results into clinical practice. Donor support is vital to help our researchers to start important research projects and to fund ongoing research.

Helping our researchers find better ways to prevent and treat diseases is an investment in our children’s future.

When raising funds or making a donation, you can specify that this money will go towards research. This is an excellent investment in the health of children now and in generations to come.

To find out more about our research, visit  Kids Research, the research division of The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network.