Patient Experience Week

Patient Experience grows with kindness, respect, team work and safety

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National Patient Experience Week is an annual event to recognise and celebrate the many ways that healthcare staff can make a positive impact to the patient experience every day. It also offers patients, families and communities the opportunity to share what matters to them, inspiring us all to reflect on the ways we can make the hospital a better place. This year, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network recognised our staff by shining a light on the positive ways we promote kindness, respect, team work and safety.

The Patient Experience

We know that positive patient experience is related to better health outcomes, including lower rates of admission and higher rates of adherence to treatment plans. It’s important because we care about you.

Patient experience is more than just providing great medical care, it’s about all the other things such as; respecting and valuing your needs, physical comfort, emotional support, engaging with you as the patient and your family in decisions which concern you but also the hospital and listening to what makes your time here better. 

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