Specialty working groups

The SSoCPU forms a working group of five to ten members for each specialty, with broad representation of specialists nominated by Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks including rural and regional areas and a Director of Medical Services, as well as nominees from medical or dental colleges and relevant specialty societies, associations or academies.

The model scopes of clinical practice are developed, and hence working groups formed, according to the Medical Board of Australia’s List of specialties, fields of specialty practice and related specialist titles and the Dental Board of Australia's List of recognised specialties, related specialist titles and definitions.

We would like to thank our working group members for the time and expertise they have given to this project. Our work would not be possible without their contribution, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with such great people.

Please direct any comments or feedback on draft or final model scopes of clinical practice to SSoCPU directly (our contact details are listed at the top of the webpage) rather than contacting working group members.

Working group membership is listed for model scopes of clinical practice that have been finalised or distributed for consultation.

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