Model scopes of clinical practice are built into eCredential, a state-wide, web-based system that allows NSW Local Health Districts (LHDs) and Specialty Networks (SNs) to support the administrative and managerial aspects of credentialing and clinical privileging. It:

•    records credentialing and clinical privileging of senior medical and dental officers; and

•    provides an electronic record, to those with the required authority, of the clinical privileges of
      senior medical and dental officers within NSW Health.

The State Scope of Clinical Practice Unit has governance and support responsibilities for eCredential, including promotion and oversight of statewide implementation of the eCredential program and ongoing management of some aspects including the NSW Health eCredential Steering Committee.

eCredential operates as one of the NSW Health Corporate Applications managed by eHealth. Additional information regarding eCredential, including the recommended process flow for senior medical and dental officer recruitment and credentialing plus training resources that can assist NSW Health users, is available at