eCredential training resources

Training videos

Statewide SMDO recruitment and credentialing process flow

The following diagram is the overall process flow agreed upon by all LHD/SNs for the recruitment and appointment of Senior Medical and Dental Officers. It should be followed by all LHD/SNs.

SMDO - State eCredential, ROB and StaffLink Work Flow (adopted 11 June 2020)

Training manuals and user guides

Each LHD/SN may employ slightly different procedures to fulfill the above state-wide process flow. Many LHD/SNs have developed a set of LHD specific User Guides to assist with the training of staff in how to use eCredential and the other offline processes involved. The following are three examples which should be edited to reflect the way your LHD/SN operates before you begin training.

  1. NNSWLHD – eCredential User Guide and Training Manual set
  2. SWSWLHD – eCredential User Guide and Training Manual set
  3. MNCWLHD – eCredential User Guide and Training Manual set

Quick reference guides

Use these for setting up merge templates in the system such as contracts/Offers & letters to Doctors plus a list of available merge fields in eCredential.

  1. Quick Guide – Document Generator
  2. Quick Guide – Dynamic Forms
  3. eCredential List of Merge Fields Available for Merge Documents