Anaesthesia at The Children's Hospital at Westmead: Information for Professionals

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is the largest paediatric hospital in NSW and the Department of Anaesthesia provides anaesthetics for more than 14,000 children per year.

Contact details

Departmental secretary: Lisa Meehan

Supervisors of training: Sally Wharton and Jenny Chien

Fellowships: Andrew Weatherall and Ramanie Jayaweera

Research: Jonathan De Lima and Justin Skowno

Our department is staffed with 35 paediatric specialist anaesthetists, 5 fellows and 10-12 registrars.

If you are looking for general information about Anaesthetics, try our service page. We have listings there for services at both hospitals. This page is mainly for researchers and professionals.

Clinical Services

  • Anaesthesia for both elective and emergency surgery in the Operating Suite and Day Surgery Unit. Subspecialities include cardiac, neurosurgical, spinal, craniofacial, multi-level orthopaedic, thoracic, transplant and complex ENT anaesthesia.
  • Anaesthesia for Medical Imaging (MRI, CT and interventional radiology) and in the Oncology Treatment Centre
  • 24 hour acute pain management service including daily acute pain rounds and consultation for complex acute and chronic pain problems
  • Support to the Burns Unit for provision of sedation and general anaesthesia for burns dressing changes, wound debridement and skin grafting
  • Pre-admission clinics for more complex paediatric patients
  • Emergency resuscitation services to wards and Emergency Department
  • Consultation service for difficult peripheral and central venous access
  • Liver transplant service, performing up to 15 paediatric transplants annually
  • Malignant Hyperthermia testing unit for NSW and QLD
  • Close liaison with paediatric and neonatal intensive care units

History of the Department

Early Days

The hospital originated as the Sydney Hospital for Sick Children at Glebe in 1880 and officially became the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children (RAHC) in 1904. It moved to the Camperdown site in 1906 where it remained for 99 years and was commonly known as the Children’s Hospital at Camperdown. In 1995 the hospital moved to a new site at Westmead, amalgamating with the paediatric services from Westmead Hospital and was initially named the New Children’s Hospital, subsequently becoming the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. In 2013, following the Garling Report, the two children’s hospitals in Sydney were united under a common network but function as separate entities.

For many years anaesthesia was considered a minor service and consisted of basic open drop ether or chloroform and was administered by junior members of the medical staff. Sometimes ‘surgeon’ and ‘anaesthetist’ would swap roles half way through an operating list. Sir Robert Wade published the second thesis for a Doctorate of Medicine on anaesthesia in Australia in 1906 on the safe use of ether in children.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s techniques included nitrous oxide anaesthesia, ethylene and intravenous barbiturates. In 1940 Dr Andrew Distin Morgan was appointed and he became one of the founders of paediatric anaesthesia as a subspecialty in Australia.

Formation of a Department

In 1947, the Department of Anaesthesia was one of the first in Australia to be formally established with Drs Morgan, Bartrop, Beaumont and Sara.  In 1955 Dr Verlie Lines was appointed as the first fulltime staff anaesthetist.

The 1950’s to the 1970’s were decades of great development with the advent of cardiac surgery and airway endoscopy and increase in all areas of paediatric surgery. In 1959 the first Director of the Department was appointed, the first registrar training in paediatric anaesthesia was appointed and the first open heart operation using cardiopulmonary bypass was performed.

During this time the first recovery ward was opened in 1962 and ultimately functioned as an intensive care unit for postoperative cases with supervision from Dr John Overton. The formal Intensive Care Unit was established in 1975. In 1969 the Inhalational Therapy Unit was established by Drs Charles Sara and Verlie Lines to improve paediatric oxygen therapy, ventilation and airway support. This unit remains an integral part of hospital services today.

Further specific developments that have occurred where the Department has provided anaesthetic services and support are:

  • National Liver Transplant Unit in 1986
  • The Vincent Fairfax Pain Unit in 1990 which has developed into the Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care
  • The first academic position in paediatric anaesthesia in Australia with John Overton being made Clinical Associate Professor within the University of Sydney in 1991
  • The Malignant Hyperthermia Unit for NSW was developed within the Department in 2002

Anaesthesia in Australia today is a specialty with training equal to that of surgery and medicine and has one of the best safety records in the world. Paediatric anaesthesia often involves further training in the special needs of babies, infants and children undergoing major surgery.

Directors / Heads of the Department


Dr J George Lomaz

1959 - 1978

Clinical Assoc Prof John H Overton

1978 - 1998

Dr John P Keneally

1998 - 2002

Clinical Assoc Prof David B Baines

2002 - 2016

Dr Neil Street

2016 - present

Acute Pain Service

The pain unit was founded by Drs Henry Kilham, John Keneally and Julie McEnierny in 1990 following a generous donation from the Vincent Fairfax family trust. The unit has evolved into the  Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care (DPMPC) and is now led by Dr John Collins. It supports three training fellowship positions and employs a Nurse Practitioner and five clinical nurse consultants. The DPMPC provides acute pain management, complex and chronic pain services, procedural sedation services, palliative care and bereavement support. The DPMPC is a nominated ‘supporting tier 3 centre’ in the NSW State Pain Management Plan (2012).

The Department of Anaesthesia and the DPMPC work closely together running a 24-hour acute pain service. The service includes daily ward rounds by a multidisciplinary team. The pain team guides the ongoing pain management of children after surgery to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. They also help care for children with other acute complex pain issues.

Visit Pain Management for more information.

Teaching and training

The Department of Anaesthesia is recognised by ANZCA for training in paediatric anaesthesia. The Department is involved in the training of registrars, provisional fellows, medical students and non-anaesthetic professionals.


  • 10-12 per term
  • Four and six month rotations
  • Supervised exposure to both simple and more complex cases
  • Pre-assessment clinic attendance
  • Paediatric acute pain round participation
  • Rostered overtime
  • 12 week program of protected afternoon tutorials
  • Opportunity to present at the weekly departmental meetings (journal club)
  • Comprehensive local handbook of paediatric anaesthesia
  • Part II tutorials for exam preparation
  • Formal Viva practice for those taking part 2 exams

Fellowship program

  • One year program
  • Starting times in February and July each year
  • Exposure to complex cases including neurosurgery, spinal (scoliosis) surgery, craniofacial surgery, multi-level orthopaedic surgery, complex ENT cases, neonatal surgery, renal/liver transplant surgery and cardiac surgery
  • Rotation through Burns Unit (sedation for dressing changes)
  • Fellow-led burns procedure list
  • Acute pain rounds
  • On-call: regular first on-call experience and rotational weekly liver on-call roster
  • 10 week PICU secondment
  • Opportunity to
    • present at weekly departmental meetings
    • attend registrar teaching program
    • be involved in research and other projects
    • be involved in teaching, for example VIVA preparation for Part II candidates
    • Advertised twice yearly on NSW Health website (JMO recruitment)
    • For further details please contact Ramanie Jayaweera and Andrew Weatherall

Non-anaesthetic professionals

  • An opportunity for overseas and local anaesthetists to gain skills in paediatric anaesthesia
  • ED and PICU trainees for airway skills

Medical students

  • University of Sydney medical school
  • 1-2 week placement


The department actively supports research in paediatric anaesthesia at a clinical and basic sciences level. The Research Interest Group meets regularly to discuss current and planned projects, as well as to act as a forum for learning the fundamentals of research.

Specific areas of interest or expertise include acute and chronic pain, malignant hyperthermia, cardiovascular physiology, cerebral and tissue oximetry utilizing near infrared spectroscopy and acute traumatic brain injury.

Functioning within the Kids Research Institute, and linked to the University of Sydney, the department has access to expertise in clinical trial design, statistics, laboratory analyses, the Westmead Animal Vivarium, and research grant funding assistance.  

Fellows joining the department are encouraged to participate in a research or clinical audit project during their year.

Convenor of the Research Interest Group: Dr Jonathan De Lima

Current research /projects

An Open label Pilot Study of Feasibility of a Dexmedetomidine -Remifentanil - Caudal Anaesthetic for Infant lower Abdominal/lower Extremity Surgery: The TREX Pilot Study. Davison, Skowno

Neonatal cerebral Oximetry during anaesthesia and surgery - prospective observational study. Skowno, Davidson, Kurth

Pain following amputation in children - retrospective review. Hale, Haynes, Hankin

Bleomycin pulmonary toxicity - case report. Duong, McDonald, De Lima

Level 2 Machine check survey. Kenig, Ross

MOMIS II - Nitrate and Nitrite levels in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass - prospective observational study. Ceely, Egan, Winlaw, S Cooper, Skowno

Cyanotic Congenital Heart disease - the role of nitrogen species in adaptation to hypoxaemia - prospective observational study. De Lima, O'Shaughnessy, Skowno

Retrospective epidural anaesthesia audit. McLean, Cannons, Bennett, Wong

NIRS in out-of hospital resuscitation (retrieval) - prospective observational study. Weatherall, Garner, Egan

Impact of caudal anaesthesia on perfusion index readings in children - prospective observational study. Perera, Ross, Skowno

Neovent Study - Audit of neonatal ventilation during anaesthesia. Marchesini, Davidson, Skowno

3-D Printing of paediatric airway models - 3D PASS. Weatherall

Procedural Sedation in Burns Unit – audit. Heo, Chan, Miles

Tranexamic acid use in paediatric craniofacial surgery. A 10 year retrospective cohort analysis of blood loss, transfusion requirements and outcomes. Alistair, Janet, Cooper

Implementation of a new PACU pain protocol – audit. Teisseyre, Perera, De Lima

Post Operative Nausea and Vomiting Audit. Koh, Kenig

The incidence of isoelectric EEG during neonatal anaesthesia and surgery - a prospective, observational, multinational study. Kurth, Skowno, Regli von Ungern

Automated prediction of serious complications following paediatric cardiac surgery using digitally collecting vital signs information – pilot study. Skowno, McEwan, De Chazal

TREX main project -Neurodevelopmental outcome after sevoflurane versus dexmedetomidine/remifentanil anaesthesia in infancy: a randomised controlled trial. Davidson, Skowno et al

A survey of parental satisfaction with preoperative fasting for day of surgery admissions. McPhee, Kamalasena

Impact of paediatric surgery requiring general anaesthesia on child neurodevelopment – cohort study. Nassar, Lain, Badawi

The PIE Study -Perioperative Immersive Experiences in Paediatric Anaesthesia – prospective observational study. Weatherall, Menezes, Wong

Publications (last 10 years)

The articles below relate to paediatric anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care and other areas of anaesthesia published by department members. The publications reflect their contributions to the medical literature and their specific areas of expertise when they worked in the department.


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The Department has a long history of providing assistance to less well-developed countries including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, East Timor, Rwanda, Cambodia, Burma and India. This assistance consists of being part of volunteer teams treating congenital heart disease and other paediatric surgical conditions.