Staff parking

Temporary free hospital parking

Temporary free parking is currently available for staff across our Network. See details below about parking for staff without a permanent carpark pass.

Parking at CHW

Free staff parking changes in visitors' car park from Monday, 21 September at Westmead

Earlier this year, staff without Hospital car parking permits were temporarily offered free parking in the P6 visitors’ car park. With an increasing number of families accessing the Hospital for re-opened outpatient clinics and elective surgery care,  there has been a need to re-assess options for the staff who have been accessing free parking in the visitors’ car park at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. 

From Monday, 21 September to Tuesday, 29 September, staff will be offered free parking in P23 on Dragonfly Drive, instead of free parking in the P6 visitors’ car park. This change is to ensure that patients and families have quick, easy access to the visitors' car park and are not delayed in accessing our emergency or outpatient departments. 

From Wednesday, 30 September free parking for staff without parking permits will no longer be available. Staff who are on call after hours or who have a mobility permit will continue to access free parking in the P6 visitors’ car park.

We appreciate this change will require some of you to consider alternative transport options. Your support is appreciated as we work to enhance the experience of our patients and families at this changing time.

Where is the P23 car park located?

The P23 car park entry point is on Dragonfly Drive and can be accessed via either Mons Road or Redbank Road. It is located opposite Westmead Private Hospital.

From Monday, 21 September - Tuesday, 29 September a shuttle bus is running from the P23 car park to the Loading Dock during the following times (note: these times are subject to change):

  • 7am - 9am
  • 4pm - 6pm

How do I get access into the P23 car park?

Secure Parking will be at the P23 boomgates from 6am - 2pm. Show your Staff ID card and they will permit access into the car park. Outside of these hours, please buzz at the boom gate intercom. Boom gates will remain open on exit, if not please buzz the intercom.

Do I have to pay to park in the P23 car park?

No. Staff without parking permits do not need to pay to park in P23 until Tuesday, 29 September. 

Who can park in the P23 car park and for how long?

Parking in the P23 car park will be available to staff who do not have parking permits until Tuesday, 29 September 2020. 

Following the final day of free parking on Tuesday, 29 September, staff will need to consider:
•         finding alternate parking;
•         taking public transport, or;
•         if convenient, ride or walk to work.  

Staff who have parking permits will continue to park in the P17 and P14 staff car parks until the end of September. From Thursday, 1 October demolition will commence on the site of our new Hospital building, P17 and the interim parking solution will come into effect. You can learn more about these changes here.

I have a mobility permit or am on-call – can I park for free?

Staff who are on call, or who have a mobility permit will continue to have access to free parking in the P6 visitors’ car park 

Parking at SCH

Changes to temporary additional car parking at no cost for Hospital staff

For day shift Monday to Friday:

As you may be aware additional temporary staff parking has been made available for all NSW Health staff at UNSW parking stations (Botany and Barker Street car parks).  This is open 24/7.

Access to this temporary parking is available at no cost to staff, however staff must register their car licence plate to be eligible for free parking at these sites AND download the CellOPark app. Please find attached detailed instructions on how to access this parking.

To register your licence plate please provide your licence plate number stafflink to Sophie Jacob

Please note that the Botany Street Car Park will be closed for cleaning on Sunday 31 May from 6.00 – 13.00 hours. 

Staff who have a current access card to a campus car park can continue to use their current access.

Special parking permits have been issued locally. Note removal of special permit zones in Barker Street between Easy and Avoca Streets. No changes to remaining zones.

Entry tickets for staff entering the Hospital carpark before midday, will NOT be validated. Full parking fees will apply.

For afternoon shift, night shift and weekends:

Parking is available in the main Hospital carpark at no charge.

On entry, take a ticket. Prior to exiting collect a voucher from the enquiries counter at Barker Street.  The voucher is valid for 5 exits (Entry after 12noon and 11.59pm, exit before 9am).  Please show your ID to enquires staff.

Note the enquiries counter is closed from 8pm to 7.30am. 

Please note that the above arrangements are subject to change.