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PPE resources

Don't forget to watch the videos on PPE and safety on the Questions and answers page.

PPE training

NSW Health has advised that PPE training is now mandatory for all clinical staff who anticipate they will need to wear any form of PPE. 

Nurse Educators are providing PPE training in each ward.

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

PPE sessions are offered through the Education Centre and provide information on:

  • General infection prevention and control principles with an updated focus on COVID-19
  • WH&S regulations
  • Hand hygiene
  • Combined transmission-based precautions
  • Donning and doffing PPE (demonstration by the trainer).

If you would like to attend a session, please check the SCHN Education Calendar for dates and enrol via Heti/MHL.

If you have questions regarding these sessions please email the SCHN Education Centre or call on 9845 3566.  

For all other PPE training questions, in the first instance, please contact your manager. For additional support please email Jennifer Goh.

QARS PPE audit

To complete the QARS weekly audit or to view current supply levels, use the QARS PPE audit link on the Coronavirus intranet section or the Clinical Governance Unit intranet section.

Infection control

More information on infection control can be found on the SCHN intranet under the Clinical menu.