Working from home information

Staff who have approval to work from home can access the following sites on their own home or work device - without the need for forms or special access:

The website provides information on all WFH systems.

Staff are reminded that when working from home, you must use your email address. Using personal email accounts is not permitted.

Other resources:

VPN access

To remotely access files, the intranet, or resources like Powerchart, CHARLI, CHIMP, Skype for Business and the appraisal system, you will need VPN access.

VPN access can only be granted with manager and IT approval. There is a $30/year VPN access fee. This is charged back to your department’s cost centre.

More information, including a VPN access form is available on

Other options

There are a limited number of VPN licences, so please talk to your manager and carefully consider whether you really need it.

For the potentially short period of time you will be working from home, can a colleague complete certain tasks or assist you remotely? Can you ask a colleague to email appropriate files to your email address, if required?