Pierre-Robin syndrome

Pierre-Robin syndrome 

What is Pierre-Robin syndrome?

Pierre Robin Syndrome is a congenital condition characterized by a combination of facial anomalies, including a small lower jaw (micrognathia), a cleft palate, and the displacement of the tongue towards the back of the throat (glossoptosis). 

Our approach to care

Management of Pierre Robin Syndrome is multifaceted and may involve collaboration between craniofacial surgeons, intensivists, ENT surgeons and speech therapists. Some children require elongation of their jaws in the first months of life. 

Dealing with a diagnosis of Pierre Robin Syndrome can be challenging, and we are here to provide not only medical expertise but also emotional support for the family. We believe in empowering parents with information and resources, ensuring that they are well-informed and confident in the care their child receives. 

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For more detailed information on this condition, see the Pierre-Robin syndrome factsheet. 

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Last updated Wednesday 8th May 2024