Hip abduction orthosis

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The Dennis Brown Hip Abduction Orthosis is used to hold a child's hips in an optimal position. It is mainly used for developmental delay of the hips, often called “clicky hips”.  It is often fitted after the removal of a hip spica. It may also be used in the first instance and following removal of a Pavlik harness.  The orthosis is made from metal that is plastic coated. It has a plastizote lining and Hook and Loop tape fasteners.

Care of your hip abduction orthosis

The orthosis is completely washable with warm soapy water and may be towel dried. Perspiration trapped between the skin and the orthosis can cause skin irritation. This can be prevented by regular cleaning, and/or placing stockinet (cotton singlet material) between the skin and the orthosis.                       

The thigh and stomach bands on the orthosis are made from a soft metal, so they can be expanded by hand to allow for babies’ growth. All straps must be kept firm so rubbing does not occur.  Using creams and oils is not recommended as these tend to soften the skin as well as trap perspiration. If you have any questions about adjusting this orthosis please ask your Orthotist.

Your specialist will advise how often your child should wear the orthosis and when it can be removed.


  • Keep orthosis clean (wash regularly).
  • Using creams and oils is not recommended.
  • Contact your orthotics department for adjustments and repairs. 9845 3679

Hip abduction orthosis


Used for developmental delay of the hips

Developmental dysplasia of the hip

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