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Disclaimer: This fact sheet is for education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professional to make sure this information is right for your child.

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The Sleep Medicine Service provides specialist services for children who need respiratory support during their sleep with a special mask and machine, and/or monitoring of breathing during sleep or recording sleep patterns. There is a limited supply of equipment available to loan directly from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Security fees

All devices rented through the Appliance Centre require a security bond. This fee of $100 will be refunded on return of the equipment providing it is in good working order and will not be refunded if the equipment is not returned, or if the rental fees are not paid, or if the equipment is returned in poor condition. Legal action will be taken against families who fail to return medical equipment if instructed to do so by the clinical team.

CPAP machines

The Children’s Hospital does not routinely loan out CPAP devices. These devices are loaned through external companies such as those listed at the end of this information sheet. You will be advised on the process to obtain this equipment by a member of the Sleep Medicine Team.

Bi-level machines

The Children's Hospital has a limited supply of Bi-level devices for families to loan on a short term basis. Initial payment is $75 per 3 month block plus security bond.


A CPAP/ Bi-level mask will initially be provided to each family for a non refundable payment of $100. Further masks are available for purchase from the retail outlet centres listed below. The Sleep Medicine team will provide support to you for purchasing appropriate sized masks.

Apnoea monitors (planned use of up to 6 months)

Payment is $150 per 3-month block hire fee. Initial payment including refundable deposit is $275 (three months’ rental at $50 per month and $100 refundable deposit).

Actiwatches (planned use for 2-4 weeks)

Payment is $50 hire fee plus security deposit.

Payment assistance

Some families may qualify for payment assistance towards the loan of devices from The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please notify a member of the Sleep Medicine team and we will arrange for you to meet with a Social Worker to complete a financial hardship application form.

Some families may qualify for the Enable Home Respiratory Program (HRP), through NSW Health (EnableNSW at This is a Government support scheme which supplies respiratory equipment. For families whose children are eligible for this scheme, an application form needs to be completed. This will require photocopies of Medicare and Health Card cards. To obtain equipment we also need to provide evidence that the treatment has been used as recommended by your doctor. If the application is approved, you are required to make an annual payment of $100 and you will be provided with the equipment. This scheme does not fund masks or other consumables. Staff from the Sleep Medicine Service will help you to complete the application process.

Families with private health insurance

If your family has private health insurance, you may be advised to purchase the equipment. Most private health insurers will contribute to the cost for purchasing a new machine (but not mask) for your child. Contact your insurance company for further information.

Repayment scheme

If your family does not have private health care insurance and is not eligible for the EnableNSW program, most retail outlet centres offer repayment schemes towards the cost of purchasing a device. Please contact the outlets as below for further information.

How to pay

Fees and rental payments for the use of hospital owned equipment are to be paid at either the Appliance Centre or cashiers department at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. A member of the Sleep Medicine team will provide you with the appropriate form. The Appliance Centre prefers that all fees and rental payments are to be paid via MasterCard or Visa, however cash payments are accepted and EFTPOS is available.

Important information

When you hire equipment it is important that you note the following important information:

  • You should ensure that the equipment is well looked after at all times. If repairs are needed due to your neglect or damage, you will be required to contribute towards the repair costs. Contributing towards repair costs does not entitle you to ownership or part ownership of the equipment and you will not be entitled to any refunds when the equipment is returned.
  • Please report any change of address or telephone number to the Sleep Medicine Service so your records can be updated.
  • All home respiratory equipment remains the property of the company you hired it from.
  • NSW Health takes no responsibility for any injury sustained through the use of home respiratory equipment that is NOT issued by The Children's Hospital at Westmead.
  • All patients must undertake regular assessment of their medical need for continuing treatment with home respiratory equipment. The maximum interval between follow-up appointments if you are using our equipment is 6 months. It is also important that patients follow their prescribed treatment carefully and be committed to using the equipment for as long as recommended by your treating physician. This is very important to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes for your child.

Rental companies

BOC Healthcare 1300 363 109

CPAP Australia 1300 692 727

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 03 9871 4900

Resmed / ResSleep 1300 925384

Respironics Sleep Easy Centres 1800 117230

Air Liquide Healthcare 1300 360 202

The Children's Hospital at Westmead

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