Audiology (hearing tests)

What is audiology?

Audiology services test for various hearing impairments. A hearing test will check the volume and pitch of sounds heard by your child. An audiogram, or graph, of these results can help show the severity and causes of hearing problems. 

How do we help children who need their hearing tested?

Poor hearing affects a child's communication. We help families by determining their child's need for specialised hearing help and providing referrals to support services.

The Audiology Departments at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children's Hospital provide paediatric hearing diagnosis from birth onwards, using a combination of high level, complex electrophysiological and behavioural assessment techniques. We help families by providing accurate, timely results. Since 2002, both clinics have also been the major resource for the Statewide Infant Hearing Screening Program (SWISH) in NSW, covering over 80 per cent of referrals from this program. Sydney Children's Hospital Audiology Department also has a shared service agreement with the Prince of Wales Adult's Hospital. Both clinics bulk bill most procedures through staff specialists, which are different at each site.

The job of these services is to:

  • Accurately assess hearing sensitivity of infants and children of all ages using objective and behavioural methods currently regarded as best practice
  • Ensure clinical procedures are flexible and that the assessment environment is tailored for each individual family to optimise best possible outcomes, especially for complex or difficult cases
  • Provide families with a careful and sensitive explanation of the type and degree of hearing loss and possible intervention options and provide counselling and referral to appropriate services
  • Liaise with external services, where appropriate