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The Burns Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is the paediatric component of the NSW Severe Burn Injury Service, located in Clubbe Ward. It is the referral Unit for all major paediatric burns in NSW, also caring for major plastic surgery and general surgical patients. The Hospital admits approximately 200 - 220 children with burns injuries each year, ranging from birth to 16 years old from all over NSW. The majority of burns patients admitted are aged between one and four years and have received scalds from hot drinks, jugs or bath water.

The philosophy of the Unit is to provide the highest standard of burn injury care to the child and their family, both during and after hospital treatment. Treatment is under constant review and updated subject to relevant research.

Our research

The Burns Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead has a strong reputation for clinical excellence in the treatment of children with burns injury. Traditionally, many professionals within the Burns Unit have been active members of the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association. This relationship has been reflected in many publications and presentations on improvements and experience in the management of children with burn injuries. The formation of the Children's Hospital Burns Research Institute seeks to build upon this established clinical track record and introduce an exciting new element - laboratory-based burns research.


Clubbe Ward and the Burns and the Plastics Surgery Treatment Centre provide inpatient and outpatient/ambulatory care to paediatric burns and plastic surgery patients under 16 years of age. Clubbe Ward is a shared ward with plastics and general surgery. There are two treatment rooms on the ward for undertaking procedures such as wound dressings, debridement etc. This is a nurse-run service operated by a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse consultant and registered nurse. The Burns Service is supported by a number of allied health staff, including physiotherapists, social workers, play therapists, a burns fellow and anaesthetist.

Clubbe Ward is named after Sir Charles Clubbe, whose association with the Hospital commenced in 1884 and spanned almost fifty years. A brilliant surgeon, capable administrator and kindly man, he served as Honorary Surgeon and President of the Board of Management. Clubbe Ward opened in 1923 and has always cared for surgical patients. In the 1970's and 1980's there was an emphasis upon general and abdominal surgery. With the transfer to Westmead in 1995, the Burns Unit became the main focus but the ward still caters for some children with other conditions.

Fact sheets and resources

You can find more information about preventing and treating burns injuries in our fact sheets.

Fact sheets

Clubbe Ward information sheet

Parent information sheet

Follow-up care for burns wounds

Healed burns

Nutrition for burns injuries

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Our Team

Emeritus Consultant Dr Martin Glasson FRACS


Dr John Harvey, Head - Burns Unit, General Paediatric Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Burns Surgery
A/Prof Andrew Holland, Associate Professor of Paediatric Surgery, Specialist in Paediatric Surgery and Urology, Head - Academic Surgery, Director - Burns Research Institute
Dr Hugh Martin, General Paediatric Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Burns Surgery
Dr Erik La Hei, General Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Burns Surgery
Dr John Pitkin, General Paediatric Surgery
Dr John Vandervord, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Burns Surgeon
Dr Robert Gates, Plastic Surgeon
Dr Jenny Yuan, Burns Fellow


Carrie Hopwood, EMSB Instructor, Nursing Unit Manager
Deborah Maze, Clinical Coordinator, Nursing Unit Manager Burns and Plastic Surgery Treatment Centre, EMSB Coordinator
Siobhan Connolly, Clinical Nurse Specialist Burns/Plastics, Clubbe Ward/Burns Plastic Surgery Treatment Centre
Sarah Clarke, Second in charge
Connie Somers, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Bree Luithle, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Diana Dickson, EMSB Key Coordinator & Instructor Clinical Nurse Educator

Allied Health

Sandra Spalding, Senior Social Worker
Deepali Trackeroo, Social Work
Cheri Templeton, Senior Physiotherapist Burns
Genevieve McInnes, Physiotherapist
Sarah De Jong, Physiotherapist
Robin Karadonis, Play Therapist
Sharon Youde, Dietitian
Jane Stormon, Dietitian