Epidermolysis bullosa

What is epidermolysis bullosa?

Epidermolysis bullosa is an inherited disease, where one of the  genes that normally help glue the skin together are missing. Blisters and wounds can appear on the skin and mucous membranes from minor friction, scrapes or injury.

You cannot catch EB, it is genetically inherited. Due to the fragility of their skin, people with epidermolysis bullosa are sometimes known as 'cotton wool babies'.

EB can affect all of a child’s skin as well as internal membranes and organs. This means they require complex care over a long period of time and access to screening and preventative education as they grow older.

How do we help children who have epidermolysis bullosa?

The team at SCH are experts in EB providing a state wide Paediatric Multidisciplinary care team across NSW and ACT. The staff at SCH work collaboratively with EB specialists in many disciplines across Australia and around the world.