General paediatric medicine at Sydney Children's Hospital

Contact details

Enquiries: (02) 9382 1729

Appointments: (02) 9382 1470

Fax: (02) 9382 1787

Fax number for new Outpatient Department referrals: (02) 9382 1461

The general paediatric medicine service at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick provides hospital-based general paediatric and/or post discharge follow-up services in the Outpatient Clinic setting.

To see a general paediatrician you will need a referral from your local doctor, which is then faxed to the Outpatient Department and then sorted to provide the most appropriate service as soon as possible for your child.



Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick Outpatients Clinic


Ph: (02) 9382 1470

Staff Specialists

  • Louis Cheung - Staff Specialist
  • Ming Chow - Staff Specialist
  • Carolyn Cottier - Staff Specialist
  • Bob Fonseca - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (St George)
  • Lynette Khoury - Staff Specialist
  • Adrienne Moline - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (St George)
  • Michael Plaister - Staff Specialist
  • Rob Slade - Staff Specialist
  • Michael Brydon - Staff Specialist
  • Hala Katf - Staff Specialist
  • Lee Sutton - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (RHW)
  • Kylie Yates - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (St George)
  • Elizabeth Argent - Staff Specialist
  • Richard Dunstan - Staff Specialist
  • Robert Leitner - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (St George)
  • Kei Lui - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (RHW)
  • Kieran Moran - Staff Specialist
  • Andrew Numa - Staff Specialist
  • Julee Oei - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (RHW)
  • Dimitra Tzioumi - Staff Specialist
  • Meredith Ward - Cross accredited Staff Specialist (RHW)
  • Gary Williams - Staff Specialist


  • Geoff Crawford
  • Katrina Doyle
  • Max Hopp
  • Michael Melamdowitz
  • Antonia Milner
  • James Thomas
  • Hugh Allen
  • Peter Campbell
  • Paul Chay
  • Eric Coudounaris
  • Ana Dosen
  • Scott Dunlop
  • Peter Eisman
  • Anthony Epstein
  • John Feller
  • Michael Haifer
  • Christine Hughes
  • Con James
  • Joseph Khouri
  • Eli Kleiner
  • Michael Kohn
  • Joanne Leal
  • Joyce Leong
  • Patricia McVeagh
  • Greg Rowell
  • Glenn Stephens
  • Mark Westphalen
  • Howard Chilton
  • Scott Dunlop
  • Phillip Emder
  • John Macdessi
  • Shan Ong
  • Julie Parle
  • Charles Scarf

Method of referring

Referrals to general paediatricians who conduct general paediatric clinics can be made by general practitioners or by any other medical practitioner who has a provider number.

The Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick general paediatric clinic only accepts new patient referrals for patients who live in the local catchment area of Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.

For new patients, a written referral should be faxed to 9382 1461 or mailed to Sydney Children's Hospital Outpatients department and an appointment will be allocated at one of the clinics and notified to you by mail.

Follow up appointments for existing patients of the clinics can be made by calling the outpatients booking clerk on (02) 9382 1470.

Clinic function

To provide consultant and general paediatric medicine service for children and adolescents attending the hospital.

Urgent cases

If a new referral is urgent, please contact the paediatrician on call through the Sydney Children's Hospital switchboard on (02) 9382 1111.