What is histopathology?

Histopathology is the diagnosis of a patient’s condition using tissue (histology) and body fluids (cytology). An additional significant role of histopathology is performing paediatric and perinatal autopsies. Histopathology also provides a consultation service for paediatric pathology cases from both public and private sector laboratories, including forensic services for the New South Wales State Coroner.

What histopathology services does Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network provide?

The Histopathology Department at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the service provided to the Sydney Children’s Hospital by the South Eastern Area Laboratory Service provide primary anatomical pathology and cytology services to facilitate the primary diagnosis necessary for the management of inpatients and outpatients of the hospitals. Both sites also perform autopsies, many of which are complex as these are mostly requested when diagnosis or complications resulting in death are unclear based on available clinical information, imaging and pathology testing.