Injury (trauma or traumatic injury)

What is trauma or injury?

A trauma is a physical wound to the body caused by an external source.

A trauma or injury includes conditions such as fractures, wounds, sprains, strains, dislocations, concussions, and compressions.

How do we help children who have a traumatic injury?

The multidisciplinary teams of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Trauma Services are dedicated to the collaborative provision of optimal care for injured children and their families and the development and implementation of injury prevention programs. 

Trauma services at the Sydney Children's Hospital provide services to patients from 0-16 years who present with moderate or major injury. All patients who are admitted due to an injury are reviewed by the Trauma Team.

The Centre for Trauma Care, Prevention, Education and Research (CTCPER) is the core centre for trauma services at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. Its mission is to provide high quality services to children and adolescents injured due to traumatic events, play a leading role in the prevention of injury among children and adolescents and conduct groundbreaking research in prevention, education and research.