Social work

Children and their families associated with the hospitals are affected by loss, illness and hospitalisation. Social Workers work with individuals, families, groups and communities in a variety of ways. This may include individual or family counselling, group work, advocacy, education and referring to and liasing with other community services and resources. Social Work services are focussed on the areas in where the nature of the illness is likely to have the greatest psychosocial impact.

Services include:

  • Psycho-social and family assessments
  • Crisis assessment and counselling
  • Counselling/Therapy with children and families
  • Referral/Liaison with community support services
  • Educational and supportive groupwork e.g bereavement groups, siblings groups, parents groups
  • Consultation with other hospital staff on aspects of patient and family care
  • Debriefings
  • Advocacy on social policies and social programs relevant to child health
  • Ward Grandparent Program