Weight Management at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Contact details

CHOOSe Health Program, phone (02) 9845 3763

Nutrition and dietetics management, phone (02) 9845 2225

The core work of the weight management service at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is:

  • Provision of clinical services for severely obese children and adolescents at a tertiary and quaternary level of care
  • Provision of health professional training programs on the assessment and management of paediatric overweight and obesity
  • Selected work on advocacy, and health promotion aspects of child and adolescent obesity
  • Research into the causes, complications, management and prevention of child and adolescent obesity and pre-diabetes 

Referring doctors should complete the Outpatients clinic referral form and email it to SCHN-CHW-WeightManagement@health.nsw.gov.au

CHOOSe Health Program

Referral criteria

  1. Ages 0 to 16 years

  2. BMI > 30 or BMI Z-score > 2.5 or lower if obesity related co-morbidities

  3. Referral letter from a paediatrician, addressed to Professor Louise Baur or Dr Shirley Alexander. The letter must include height and weight, pathology or test results, relevant family history and contact details of the family

Method of referring

  1. Fax your paediatrician referral to (02) 9845 0432


The Children's Hospital Medical Centre Staff Specialist Rooms
Suite 16 Level 2, Hainsworth Street, Westmead
Ph: (02) 9845 0782


Families are contacted only after consideration of intake details, appropriateness and priority

Multi-disciplinary team

Consisting of clinical nurse consultant, clinical psychologist, dietitians, enrolled nurse, paediatricians and physiotherapist

Program days

Monday mornings

Functions of the program

The child's family and caregivers are involved in a multidisciplinary approach to family centered weight management

New families are offered in order

A program of appointments over four to six months (12 appointments) and aims to help the families of children who have a severe weight problem.

The families are then offered one of three pathways:

  1. An intensive weight management program, including parent education sessions and multi-disciplinary clinic appointment sessions.
  2. A single medical consultation - then refer back to local paediatrician with recommendations (suitable for families living outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area)
  3. Clinic appointments with an interpreter - three appointments over six weeks then review (for non-English speaking families)

Nutrition and dietetics management

Referral criteria

  1. Children and adolescents aged 0-16 years
  2. BMI for age standard deviation score > 1.5-2.5
  3. CHW specialist and paediatrician referrals with admitting rights to CHW for high risk patients and allied health staff within CHW following discussion with and referral


The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Ground Floor, The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Program days

Every Tuesday


Contact receptionist, ph (02) 9845- 2225