Being sick is not fun and the idea of staying in hospital can be a bit scary. Don’t be scared – we have lots of information here to help you know what to expect and everyone is really nice and helpful in hospital.

  • There are different reasons why you might need to come to hospital
  • An accident or emergency – these things happen suddenly, like falling and breaking a bone or having a bad asthma attack
  • A long illness – you might need to come to hospital often for check-ups, scans or treatments
  • You might visit your family doctor if you are sick and they might ‘refer’ you to see a special doctor in hospital
  • You might be booked in to have an operation or a special treatment.

You have probably seen hospitals and doctors on the TV or you might have visited someone in hospital before. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick are different to most other hospitals you have seen as they are built especially for kids! They are bright and colourful and there are lots of fun things to see and do there.

Have a look at the different sections of this page which will tell you more about coming to hospital and what to expect.

Remember to talk to Mum or Dad or another trusted adult if you have any questions about being sick or coming to hospital.