Things to do at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

 Clown Doctors 

While in hospital you might be lucky enough to have a visit from a very special doctor – a Clown Doctor! Clown Doctors visit all wards within the hospital with the aim of bringing a little fun and silliness to brighten up your day. It’s really hard to keep a sad face when the Clown Doctors are around!

Starlight Room

The Starlight Express Room is a doctor and nurse-free zone where kids and teens can come for some fun and mayhem, including the latest computer games, movies, crafts and activities.  

Kids who are too sick to leave their beds can join in the fun via the daily Captain Starlight shows that are broadcast to their bedside TVs.

Join Captain Starlight for Starlight Hits in the Starlight Express Room and via starlight TV. Starlight Hits is an interactive fun Music program.

Request your favourite  music video clips from the latest top 40 hits to the classics.

Starlight Hits Hours Monday – Thursday  6.00pm – 7.30pm.

A visit to the Starlight Room is a must during your hospital stay!


By day, Livewire delivers activities on the wards, whilst at night, the Starlight Express Room becomes a teen hangout. A chill out zone where you can be social, connect with others, chat with the Livewire Facilitators or take part in a fun workshop.

Some of the fantastic workshops in the Starlight Express Room are light photography, nerf gun challenges, screen printing on t-shirts, tie dying or just hanging out and listening to music. The Livewire Facilitators can also come to your ward to chat with you at your bedside.

We're around 1pm-7:30pm everyday, to contact the Livewire Facilitators text or call 0405 580 754

Playgrounds and gardens

Head down the ramp from the hospital foyer and head outside to explore the George Gregan Foundation all-access playground. With a fantastic aquatic theme, there is a giant pirate ship, a lighthouse and sea creature sculptures including a whale, tortoises, a crocodile, a walrus and an enormous octopus. There is a play area for toddlers, swings, climbing equipment and a quiet area to read a book or just relax and look up at the clouds.

Just outside the doors to the gardens there is an undercover area with giant chess and checkers games. Bring your friends or family down and play a game.

At the end of the garden is the labyrinth. You can follow the path to the centre. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost! A labyrinth has only one path, so you don’t need to make it decisions. It is very calming, so can help you to feel relaxed.  

Also take the time to visit the Chinese Gardens, where you will see a waterfall, fish and a pagoda in the beautiful garden surrounds.


When you walk around the Hospital, you will see some wonderful artwork on the walls. The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has so many beautiful artworks on display that it is actually a registered Art Gallery! Lots of the artworks you will see have been done by kids. Most of these are through Operation Art, a program where kids in NSW schools combine their creative spirit with a desire to help other kids by creating special artworks for kids in hospital.

Art trails

Take the Sculpture walk. We've got sculptures inside the Hospital and in the grounds. Why not explore them?

There are also three fun activities developed around the art collection.

Download them, print as a single A4 double sided page, then fold into quarters and use as a small booklet. Staff can organise copies for you.

Each starting place gives a clue as to where to find the first artwork and the other artworks can be found nearby. Have fun!

Delta Dogs

Delta Dogs visit the Hospital to bring some joy to kids and to help remind them of their pets they are missing at home.

Nothing brings a smile to a child like a kiss from a wet nose, a shake of a paw or a floppy ear to listen to your worries.

The Delta Dogs comfort and inspire many patients in hospital and their visits are a real highlight for patients and families.

Fun visitors

Lots of special visitors come to the Hospital regularly. You might be lucky enough to meet your favourite sports star, character or singer. You never know who (or what!) you will meet in hospital!

You can meet some interesting animals up close when the Australian Reptile Park visits once a month. Or you might get the chance to pat or feed a cute and cuddly baby animal when Kindifarm visits.

Book Bunker

The Book Bunker is a special library created by Scholastic Australia for kids in hospital. Kids can either come and visit the library or volunteer librarians will come to the ward with books to suit all ages. They even have books in other languages and books for parents to share with babies.