Explore our art trails

When you walk around the Hospital, you'll see some great art on the walls!

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has so many beautiful artworks on display that it is actually a registered Art Gallery!

Lots of the artworks you will see have been done by kids. Most of these are through Operation Art, a program where kids in NSW schools combine their creative spirit with a desire to help other kids by creating special artworks for kids in hospital.

Try the Sculpture Walk

We've got sculptures inside the Hospital and in the grounds. Why not explore them?

Take the Sculpture walk. 

Take an Art Trail

Download them, print as a single A4 double-sided page, then fold into quarters and use as a small booklet. Staff can organise copies for you.

Each starting place gives a clue as to where to find the first artwork and the other artworks can be found nearby. Have fun!