Complaints, concerns and compliments

We encourage feedback from patients, families and visitors.

It’s okay to have your say

At Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, we want to hear from you, our patients, families and visitors. Your experience is important to us, and helps us to support children and young people to live their healthiest lives possible. We can learn important things from complaints and can make sure other families don’t experience what you have.

If you have a compliment, we'd like to hear that too!

You can have your say by:

Giving your feedback

We recognise that voicing concerns about the care being provided to your child or someone you know can be difficult but it helps Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network to become aware of issues, find solutions and improve the care and experiences that we provide to both patients and families.

Anyone can give feedback. Most feedback can be addressed by discussing the issue(s) with your child’s nurse, doctor or another staff member you trust, the Nursing Unit Manager, or the Head of the Department.

Tips for making an effective complaint

  • Talk about your concerns with someone you trust.
  • Consider putting your concerns in writing. Sometimes writing a letter lets you reflect and organise your thoughts in one document. This can also help our staff address your exact concerns while providing you with something to refer back to.
  • Focus on the facts. A complaint that details facts and events clearly will assist our staff in understanding your concerns. Don’t forget to include the important information – dates, times and who you have already spoken to about your concerns
  • Be clear about what you are hoping to achieve. The most effective complaints seek a realistic outcome that aims to improve the care and experience of patients and families in our care.
  • Sometimes it helps to book a special time to meet with your child’s care team or the manager so they can dedicate time to focus on your complaint.

Ready to make a complaint

Most complaints can be addressed by discussing the issue(s) with your child’s clinical team, the Nursing Unit Manager, or the Head of the Department. Share your concerns and desired outcomes with them, and give them time to consider the information and respond to your concerns.

If after speaking with the team you are still concerned, contact the Patient's Friend:

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick

(02) 9382 0680

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

(02) 9845 3535

The Patient Friend is responsible for addressing queries and concerns expressed by patients and families relating to the quality and suitability of services. The Patient Friend will assist the patient and family in having their concerns addressed by the appropriate members of staff.

What next?

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been dealt with or you feel uncomfortable raising it with us directly, you can contact:

Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Mail Bag 18, Strawberry Hills, NSW 20121800 043 159

Giving a compliment

Many of our families have great experiences when they stay at one of the hospitals or are patients at one of our clinics.

If you'd like to compliment us, you can use the webforms below:

Visit this page to read some of our recent compliments.