No Hit Zone

Help me. Don’t hit me.

Supporting families, before frustrations escalate

Hitting, no matter the intent, strains the parent-child relationship by creating an environment of fear, confusion and anxiety.

If you’re struggling to manage your emotions – read our information sheets below and reach out for help when you need it.

Hitting is not the answer

Hitting (or smacking) focuses on the behaviour and misses the child's underlying needs.

It might stop a child from doing something in the moment, but they still haven’t learnt how to do things differently next time.

Smacking can lead to built-up resentment and hostility and stop some children from talking to parents about their worries for fear of further punishment.

Our hospitals are 'No Hit Zones'

The facts are startling. Find out more about why hitting is not the answer and why we’ve declared our hospitals and health facilities ‘No Hit Zones’.


Managing behaviours – information sheets for parents and carers

Caring for children is challenging, and it’s hard to know what is and isn’t normal behaviour.