Celebrating 30 years of Ward Grandparents

There is a very special kind of love that a grandparent gives when looking after their grandchild, a nurturing and caring that creates one of the most treasured bonds. At The Children's Hospital at Westmead, 22 amazing grandparents choose to share that special bond beyond not just with their grandchildren, but with our patients as well.

As part of the AWCH Hospital Ward Grandparent Schemes, each of these incredible women volunteer their time to come into the Hospital a couple of days a week to act as a grandparent for some of the patients who require long-term hospitalisation.

Today, as the Hospital marks 30 years of the Ward Grandparents Scheme, we celebrated them, not just for the emotional care and stimulation they provide for our patients but also the additional support they provide for our parents and families.

As ward grandparents, our volunteers spend their days with an individual patient, who they will visit regularly, often sitting with, playing with, entertaining and comforting them while giving their Mum and Dad some reprieve from the stress of hospital. The regular support helps bring back some normality for families, allowing them to spend time with other children or do some of the little things, like grocery shopping; things that we often take for granted. 

Speak to any one of the ward grandparents and they will tell you that they care for the patients at the Hospital as if they are their own. They will tell you that the bond they form is beyond words but they don't want to be glorified before for all the time they give, they say they get so much more back.

On behalf of all the children, parents, families and staff who have been helped by the ward grandparents, thank you.

If you are interested in becoming a ward grandparent or finding out how you can volunteer, click here.