SCHN trials My Health Memory App

A trial of My Health Memory, a new integrated smartphone app combining communication, education and health records will go live in three outpatient clinics at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The app is set to significantly benefit patients and their families.

First to download the new app were Laura and her daughter Taylor, 15. “It is revolutionary, a big step forward, said Laura “I have been waiting for something like this for a long time so we can access information.”

The My Health Memory app will open new ways for patients and parents to securely communicate with their clinical team, review educational material, complete goals, view and manage scheduled appointments and share their detailed health history with other hospitals, clinicians and the patient's family. We hope this will empower families in managing care, with the right information at the right time.

This is the next stage of the rollout of My Health Memory and will complement the bedside patient portal. The bed-end TVs and bedside tablets offer patients and families access to world-class entertainment including free-of-charge Foxtel, web browsing, social media, Skype, inbuilt games, movies on-demand and free-to-air TV in addition to health information.

My Health Memory users will soon be able to access the newly installed ‘wayfinder’ kiosks to check-in into their appointments, update key information, and currently, can receive directions to their appointment.

Former NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner visited the Hospital late last year to inspect My Health Memory and commented that the system will revolutionise patient care in NSW as it will improve access to quality care, closer to patients’ homes.

Reviewing and treating patients will be done at the bedside with the installation of bedside clinical workstations. Clinical features will be introduced in a phased approach, including education, patient goal assignment and screen-casting of radiology images to the bedside. These features will transform patient care and will eventually enable patients to manage many aspects of their care via the App.