Super Siblings celebrated at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick celebrated the siblings of patients with a disability or chronic health condition by holding a “Super Sibs” event recently.

The Super Sibs day included a range of fun activities for children like cupcake decorating, face painting, soccer and basketball, collage and craft, music and song production, and chalk and mural graffiti, with special guests the Clown Doctors, Starlight Captains and Fairy Sparkle.

For Petra Langan-Stark, mother of four-year-old sibling Hudson, Super Sibs “was a great event for Hudson to look forward to and to make him feel special.  It’s important to acknowledge siblings as they are just as important as their sibling with special needs.” 

The event was a great success with a total of 47 siblings and 29 family groups attending.

“Today was fun because I ate cupcakes, went outside and played basketball, and I was happy because I was Batman. It makes the Hospital fun now. This place is very fun now” said four-year-old Hudson.

The morning provided an opportunity for siblings to meet other children in similar situations in a fun and relaxed environment. It also gave parents and carers a chance to connect and access information and resources on sibling support.

“It gives parents an opportunity to meet other parents who have similar challenges. You can’t really underestimate the power of it.  It’s difficult to have a candid discussion with others about our challenges. For people here today, this is normal and they understand and can relate to you,” explained Steven, father of another sibling.

Super Sibs will be held annually at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and is just one example of the Hospital’s commitment to not only supporting patients, but family units in their entirety.

“Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick has a strong commitment to supporting and providing the best family-centred care to children in and out of the Hospital. The celebrating siblings event is our way of saying thank you to all siblings for the wonderful support they provide to their brother or sister with additional health needs” said Sandra De Marchi, Senior Social Worker at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.