Panther sketch rules the 'Animalia' kingdom

Sixteen-year-old Imogen Affleck has been announced as the overall winner of the 2015 Youth Arts Competition at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

It was Imogen’s black and white panther, delicately sketched using pencil, which caught the judges’ eyes. Her unique drawing, pieced together like a puzzle, is now hanging alongside other magnificent entries in the corridors of The Department of Adolescent Medicine on Level 1, where it will remain on display, with the other entries, until early next year.

There was a huge response for this year’s competition with 148 entries and 90 artists ranging from one to 67 years old participating in the “Animalia” animal themed competition.

The Youth Arts Art Competition is aimed at giving patients, families and staff the opportunity to exhibit artworks together while enhancing the positive healing environment around the Hospital.

The Adolescent Medicine department would like to extend a big Thank You to Pelican Artline for donating prizes for all entrants, as well as Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Calmsley Hill City Farm, and the CHW fundraising department for helping out with some of the major prizes.

To see the artworks listed below and other highly commended pieces head down to Level 1 and take a look, it will be well worth your time!

Imogen Affleck – ‘Panthera Leo’

Children: Tabitha Ayik ‘Panda wearing thongs’
Youth: Lauren Adams ‘Masked Ranger’
Adult: Natalie Anderson ‘Festive Elephant’

CHILDREN (Under 12 years)
Sculpture: Winner - Amelia Anderson ‘Rainbow Fish’
Runner Up – Oliver Anderson ‘Spider’
Drawing: Winner - Kate Sutton ‘I wish I could fly’
Runner Up – Emma Ackeroyd ‘Watching the fish’
Painting: Winner – Ruben Saunders ‘Musical Mice’
Runner Up – Kate Sutton ‘Kolourful K9’
Mixed Media: Winner – Cat-Lien Bui ‘More hands to help, I wish I were an octopus’
Runner Up – Belle Townes ‘Love Bunny’s’

YOUNG PEOPLE (12-18 years)
Drawing: Winner – Nicola Francia ‘Silvermoon Owl’
Runner Up – Lincoln Adams ‘Graffiti’
Painting: Winner – Stephanie Jones ‘Four little birds’
Runner Up – Mary Morrish ‘A wippet names Maverick’
Mixed Media: Winner – Grace Bollington
Runner Up – Georgia Allen ‘Fly Free’
Photography: Winner – Jess Bowie ‘The Pelican’
Runner Up – Richelle Alcock ‘Stages of curiosity’

ADULT ENTRIES (18+ years)
Painting and Drawing: Winner – Colin Coleman ‘Three Giraffes’
Runner Up – Carolyn Villamar ‘Birds’
Photography and Digital Media: Winner - Anthony Hill ‘Trixie’
Runner Up – Amanda Charlton ‘A Parade of Puggles’
Mixed Media: Winner – Jenny Brownley ‘Free’