MOU Signed for World First Cannabis Trial for Children with Epilepsy

The MOU will facilitate:

  • A world first, phase 2 clinical trial for a novel product, phytocannabinoid cannibidivarin (CBDV) in children;
  • A phase 4 clinical trial of EpidiolexÒ based on phase 3 studies;
  • A compassionate access scheme for EpidiolexÒ; and
  • Provision for NSW to host future clinical trials of GW Pharmaceutical products.

The NSW Government is providing $3.5 million to the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (SCHN) to lead this world first, phase 2 clinical trial of CBDV in children, which will commence in 2016.

For more information:


phone: Cannabis Clinical Trials Helpline is 1800 217 257.