Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick doctor named Registrar of the Year 2015

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick is proud to announce that staff member Dr Tessa Davis, has been named the NSW Minister for Health/BOQ Specialist Registrar of the Year for 2015 during the Australian Medical Association (NSW) Doctors-in-Training Awards ceremony, an event acknowledging outstanding junior doctors, supervisors and teachers for the significant impact on they have made on the medical profession.

Dr Michael Brydon, Acting Chief Executive of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network said Dr Davis – an advanced trainee in paediatrics - is a deserving recipient of the Registrar of the Year award due to her extensive work treating seriously ill and injured children and her commitment to education.

“Dr Davis is an excellent clinician with a passion for Emergency Paediatrics,” said Dr Brydon.

“She is highly sought after due to her competence and efficiency and her ability to manage the challenges that come with working in such a rewarding, yet challenging field of health care.”

Dr Davis is a keen educator and the founder and creator of, an educational website offering practical advice and knowledge translation to the paediatric medical community. The website is visited more than 1,000 times per day and is widely regarded in Australia and internationally. Dr Davis also created, a crowd-sourced database of clinical resources and treatment information and, a not for profit website that provides online exam resources for trainee paediatricians. The profits from this website are directed to projects which boost Aboriginal health and medical services.

“Dr Davis has a passion for ensuring the best for sick children, she does this not only by providing quality care, but also by ensuring essential and up-to-date information is available to all in her profession, no matter their geographical location. We are proud to have her as a member of the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick team,” said Dr Brydon.