Gift of Life

Cailtlin's life saving surgery was at RPA with surgeons from both RPA and The Chilldren's Hospital, which was located at Camperdown at the time. It came three months after the first ever Australian transplant for a 14 year old boy. The surgery took 14 hours with a surgical team of 30 lead by Prof Ross Shell.  

Dr Albert Shun is now  head of Transplant Surgery at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and has been involved since the pioneering days. Dr Stuart Dorney was the liver specialist at the time and has now retired. Both were re-united at the celebration with patients, many who now have children of their own.Thanks to research and advances in surgery and treatment, the one yearsurvival rate has risen to 94% from 70%. The complex surgery now takes between five and eight hours with a smaler surgical team.

In the last year, 20 children have received liver transplants at The Children's Hospital at Westmead, thanks to fsmilies who gave the gift of life.