Kids Can Drown Without a Sound!

Summer is on the way. With the hot weather comes an increased risk of drowning, the leading cause of death in children under five. Kids can drown without a sound in seconds in just 5cms of water.

Dr Soundappan, Trauma Surgeon at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead says, “most parents think they will hear something if their child is drowning, but in fact it’s very silent and quick as water in the airway can block any sound from being made.”

“Even though wading pools and some portable pools don’t hold much water, they should be emptied and stored away immediately after each use,” he advised.

Take note of the advice below to keep young kids safe around pools this summer.  

  • Any pool, including portable pools, capable of being filled with 30 cm or more of water, must have a four-sided barrier.
  • Pool  fences need to be regularly maintained  as faulty fences and gates are a major cause of incidents.
  • Make sure young children are  within arm's length in and around water.
  • Teach children water familiarisation and swimming skills
  • Learn CPR and remember that any attempt is better than none at all

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