10th Anniversary of the Apology

On February 13, 2008, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addressed Parliament, formally apologising for the government programs which took children from Aboriginal families, the ‘Stolen Generations’.

National Apology Day is an opportunity to reflect on the significance of the Apology, the injustices of the past and profound pain, suffering and hurt Aboriginal people have and continue to endure.

We acknowledge the role our hospitals have played in the Stolen Generations and are committed to ensuring our Aboriginal patients and their families are safe, welcomed and comfortable when using our services.

We recognise the strength, resilience and richness of Aboriginal culture, and take great pride in knowing that our country is connected to one of the oldest surviving continuous cultures in the world.

As we take the wisdoms and teachings of the past into the future, we will do our best to uphold and value the core elements of Aboriginal identity including kinship, country, language and spirituality.

Today is a reminder to us all, that there is a difference the experience for our Aboriginal communities, which requires a different way of doing business in our hospitals now and into the future.