International award for My Health Memory app

The My Health Memory app has been recognised Microsoft Corp.’s 2018 Health Innovation Awards in Las Vegas.

Cheryl McCullagh, Director of Clinical Integration. Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN) and James Fitter, Oneview Healthcare's CEO, accepted the award which recognises health organisations and their technology solution partners for using Microsoft’s intelligent health technologies in innovative ways that help engage patients, empower care teams, optimise clinical and operational effectiveness, and transform health.

The 2018 winners are impacting the industry by creating breakthrough solutions that empower health and life sciences organisations, while meeting global, local and industry-specific compliance and security standards.

The My Health Memory app benefits patients and their families by providing tools to communicate with healthcare teams, access to education, assist in managing appointments and the sharing of health information. Cheryl McCullagh, Director of Clinical Integration for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, is excited about the win.

“We’re so thrilled to win the Microsoft Health Innovation Award for our My Health Memory app." said Cheryl McCullagh. " Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network is the largest network of hospital and services for children in Australia and we are constantly looking at innovative ways in which we can enhance the experience for our families and healthcare teams. The My Health Memory app is a culmination of identifying the needs of patients, families and clinicians to further drive effective and open communication with all parties. Oneview Connect has opened new horizons in sharing between our patients and our clinicians or clinical teams,”

Mark McCloskey, Founder of Oneview, the developers of My Health Memory app, has no doubt it will provide further support to families outside of the hospital. James Fitter, CEO of Oneview Healthcare said, "This award is a great testament to our collaborative partnership with SCHN and a huge credit to our engineering, product and project management teams who have worked so hard to bring this product to life in such a short period of time.”

The health industry is undergoing a digital transformation and this app will improve care by helping families better understand and share information.