Medical imaging advancements to improve patient care

Sydney Childrens Hospital's Network medical imaging software has undergone a upgrade allowing clinicians to provide better care for patients.

The Enterprise Imaging Repository software allows our clinicians to access diagnostic-quality medical images from other patients in hospitals across the state.

The new and improved technology first went live at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and at the Newborn & paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) in early February and now will be rolled out across NSW.

For NETS, a global leader in retrieval medicine for newborns and children - the user of this type of technology is vital.

NETS State Director Dr Andrew Berry said the the benefits of the improved Enterprise Imaging Repository software were benefiting children all over the state.

“The low-resolution quality of images held within the previous version of the EIR was problematic for NETS and meant that consultants were unable to rely on the content for diagnostic purposes,” he said.

Dr Berry said the introduction of DICOM-quality images is a massive leap forward.. The upgraded interface is more aesthetically pleasing in terms of its design and the clearer fields provide an intuitive user experience for NETS consultants. The theme layout offers a simplified navigation and overall the solution looks more professional.

“New functions include a collaboration tool to permit any relevant clinician with email to also view the images, which is a very welcome new feature,” Dr Berry added.