Sign up for RunWest and help team Lleyton

Having been a patient at The Children's Hospital at Westmead since birth, Lleyton and his family have spent Christmases, birthdays and even christenings in The Hospital.

Born at just 28 weeks gestation and weighting only 500 grams Lleyton was left with many serious health conditions.

He has battled short-gut syndrome since birth and had surgery at only 12 days old to remove parts of his large and small intestines that weren’t working properly.

This left him unable to absorb any food or drink and as a result, he is kept alive by a formula called TPN.

The constant consumption of TPN has causes severe liver disease. His family estimate that he has had more than 30 operations for a variety of issues ranging from open heart surgery to laser eye surgery.

But Lleyton refuses to let his struggles get him down. His mum Belinda says he always remains positive no matter what.

“Everyone he’s been exposed to in the hospital instantly loves him because of how positive he is, he makes this so much easier to cope with.” She said.

To show their gratitude to the hospital that saved their brother and son’s life, Lleyton’s family have registered to participate in RunWest.

“Donations and fundraisers like this help to keep the hospital afloat and keep programs running. We couldn’t ask for better care for our son.

Everyone is treated like a family, the environment is always happy and energetic no matter what the situation and you’re never alone in anything that gets thrown at you.” said Ms Giles.

To support kids like Lleyton, you and your family can sign up to RunWest and nominate “The Children’s Hospital at Westmead” as your chosen charity.

RunWest, is a 12km charity run or a 4km family walk to be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on March 31. For more information and to sign up to RunWest visit: