Light rail tram testing begins in Randwick

The construction of the Sydney Light Rail has entered into an exciting stage in Randwick, with day-time tram testing commencing along High Street.

The CBD and South East Light Rail is a new light rail network for Sydney, currently under construction. The 12km route will feature 19 stops and will provide high capacity, frequent services connecting key CBD locations with Surry Hills, the Moore Park stadiums precinct, Randwick racecourse, the University of NSW and the Randwick Hospitals Campus.

During construction over the past two years, Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick staff and visitors have become used to little traffic on High Street – this is changing rapidly. With the introduction of day-time tram testing, pedestrians are encouraged to exercise extra caution when crossing High Street and use designated crossings.

Initially the tram testing will be done outside of peak hours between 10am and 2pm – however over time the testing window will grow.

Traffic control will be in place during the first two weeks of day-time testing, but will reduce thereafter.

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