International recognition for SCHN doctors

Two babies with liver cancer became the first children to undergo paediatric surgery in Papua New Guinea this week.

The surgeries, performed at Port Moresby General Hospital, were made possible by two SCHN doctors, Dr Albert Shun, Department Head of Transplant Surgery and Dr Michael Cooper, Staff Specialist in Anaesthetics at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Both surgeries were successful and the two babies are now recovering with their families.

Dr Cooper said half of the country’s population was under 15 years and being a growing population, children needed to be well looked after and their health needs met in order to have a good future.

“For any country, the future rests with the children and it is often said that the child you fix today may one day become the leader of the country.” Cooper said.

One of Papua New Guinea’s chief surgeons, Dr Hoxson Poki said their hospital was fortunate to have the services of Dr Shun and Dr Cooper.

Both doctors have spent time over the last two decades working in Papua New Guinea, treating patients and training local clinical staff.

“Professors Shun and Cooper have mentored, trained and taught and have been an inspiration in the training of paediatric surgeons in PNG over the last 20 years,” Dr Poki said.

“Four paediatric surgeons have been trained and are working with this program and three more surgeons are currently undergoing training.”

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