Celebrating Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day will be a little different, with restrictions limiting the way we celebrate such an important day. Despite the challenges, the sentiment remains - even more so in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

Sunday 10 May is an important day to celebrate and acknowledge the incredible mothers who care so lovingly for their children and grandchildren, while juggling the challenges that come in their own lives.

The mothers of our patients face extraordinary highs and lows on a daily basis. Managing the health needs of their child can be a full time job in itself, placing pressure on families who are often separated from each other while a child receives care in hospital. Their love and commitment cannot be described in words and should be celebrated all year around.

To the mothers who commit themselves not only to their children, but the children of other mothers, we pay special tribute to you. In the middle of a pandemic, the staff who work across our Network also find themselves challenged. From the need to home school and care for their family, as well as give so much of themselves on the front line of care – we could not do this without you.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the strength, love, sacrifice and resilience of mothers across our Network and beyond

From our family, to yours: Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day.